Dr. Leonard J. Faye

Graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 1960, Dr. Faye has devoted much of his professional life to the advancement of chiropractic. Starting out with various techniques in his arsenal, Dr. Faye became interested in Motion Palpation diagnostic procedures after spending time in seminars and practice with Dr. Henry Gillet of Belgium.

While developing courses and teaching at the Anglo-European Chiropractic College in the late sixties - early seventies, Dr. Faye developed the SUBLUXATION COMPLEX concepts and demonstrated a clinical model based on dynamic concepts and the refereed scientific literature. In 1980 he brought his sixty hours of seminar content to the USA and co-founded the Motion Palpation Institute with Dr. Don Petersen of Huntington Beach, CA.

Dr. Fayes’ objectives for the formation of this institute was threefold:

To educate Chiropractors to focus on the Subluxation Complex as the rational cornerstone of their practice;

To teach Motion Palpation diagnosis as a indicator for when, where, how, and how often to adjust a motion segment;

To teach chiropractic technique as it co-relates to mobilizing fixations in specific directions and thus normalizing biomechanics and the other components of the Subluxation Complex.

Dr, Faye resigned from MPI in 1986 but continued to lecture all over the world. He co-authored two books : one a text "Motion Palpation and Chiropractic Technic" by Schafer & Faye, and the other a patient's or layman's book called "Good Bye Back Pain" published by Berkeley Press which is still in circulation in book stores.

Presently Dr. Faye runs the Chiropractic Mentor Web Site for Students and Practitioners.

He practices with his daughter Dr. Heather Faye, and keeps his lecturing, video tapes, and book sales going from the same office. Please surf to the appropriate link for more information.  Dr. Faye may be contacted at - (ljfaye@ljfaye.com).

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